Alabama jury awards $5.5 million verdict in wrongful death lawsuit filed by family of worker killed by crane in construction site accident

by John Chapman

The family of an Alabama man who was killed by a crane in a construction site accident has been awarded a $5.5 million verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the company that inspected the crane. Attorneys representing the family of Michael Singley in their lawsuit against the construction company and crane company said that the jury’s verdict against Southeastern Crane Inspections LLC was one of the largest awarded in West Alabama in a decade.

Singley was killed in July 2012 when the construction crane that he was operating toppled over, crushing him beneath the machine. The family’s attorney said that the crane tipped over because a safety feature that was supposed to stabilize the machine failed to function properly.

According to the lawsuit, Southeastern Crane inspected the crane that Singley was operating prior to the accident. Singley’s family alleged that the company failed to disclose serious problems with the machine uncovered during this inspection.

In addition to Southeastern Crane, the Singley family had initially filed its lawsuit against the company that sold the crane involved in the accident, the owners of West Alabama Mechanical (the company at which Michael Singley was employed), and the safety inspector with the company. All three reached a $950,000 settlement with the Singley family prior to the jury’s verdict. Because of its decision not to settle the case, Southeastern Crane will be responsible for paying $4.5 million of the jury’s verdict.

Accidents among construction workers have become an increasing problem in recent years. Federal safety data has shown that hundreds of construction workers are killed each year as a result of accidents in the workplace.

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