All steel-belted radial tires pose a risk of risk of tread separation

Tire failures—including design and manufacturing defects—are responsible for thousands of traffic accidents every year resulting in death or serious injuries. Some tire manufacturers have known about dangerous problems with their tires for years but have failed to fix the problems and have failed to properly warn consumers of the risks. Making safe tires is not cheap, and some companies choose not to spend the time and money they know is needed to make a safe tire.

When a tire suddenly explodes, blows out, looses its tire tread, or the tire belt peels off and separates, the driver can lose control of the vehicle and it may even roll over. About 10,000 people die every year in rollover crashes.

A common type of tire failure is tread separation. Tires are built from different layers, like a sandwich. Steel belts can be incorporated for more impact and puncture resistance. However, to make steel belts stick properly to rubber requires a good design and a well-run factory using quality components. Separation occurs when either the steel belts come loose from the cord body or when the rubber tread comes loose from the steel belt. Tread separation is possible in all steel-belted radial tires. Unfortunately, some tires are made without using readily-available technology designed to prevent tread separation. Why? Because tire manufacturers to often don’t want to incur the additional costs. Another problem in the industry is poor quality control at overseas tire manufacturing plants.

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