Apple facing iPhone class action lawsuit in California

by Heygood Orr and Pearson

A Florida woman has filed a class action lawsuit in California against Apple on behalf of consumers who purchase an iPhone 4. Debra Hilton alleges that Apple knew about problems with defective power buttons on the iPhone 4, but continued to sell the device without working to address this problem.

According to the Hilton’s lawsuit, problems with the power button on the iPhone were caused by a defect in a flex cable that controls the on-off switch on the device. The lawsuit alleges that these problems with the iPhone were widespread, as evidenced by numerous comments and complaints on iPhone message boards and You Tube videos pertaining to the issue.

The class action lawsuit against Apple alleges that this defect with the power button of the iPhone 4 often arises one year after the device has been purchased. Because the service warranty on the iPhone will have expired by this time, customers are forced to pay $149 in order to have the device repaired.

Hilton class action case against Apple was filed under federal RICO statutes, racketeering laws that are sometimes used in class action litigation. The lawsuit also charges Apple with violating unfair competition laws in the state of California.