According to warnings by the Food and Drug Administration, the diabetes drug Byetta and similar medications may be linked to an increased risk of acute pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The FDA ordered studies into the link between Byetta and pancreatic side effects after multiple studies found that the drug could increase the risk of symptoms for diabetes patients.

Byetta is part of a class of type 2 diabetes medications known as incretin mimetics, which also includes drugs such as Januvia and Janumet. Incretin mimetics work with hormones in the pancreas to help stimulate the release of insulin after eating. The drugs also help to slow the rate at which the stomach empties after a meal, which may help patients feel less hungry.

Byetta Linked to Pancreatic Injuries

According to a study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, patients taking Byetta or other incretin mimetics may be twice as likely to develop symptoms of acute pancreatitis. This research confirmed the results of a previous FDA warning about Byetta, which highlighted a high number of pancreatitis cases among diabetes patients who were taking the drug. Other researchers have found that Byetta users may be as much as six times more likely to develop pancreatitis symptoms after taking the medication.

The FDA also warned about signs that Byetta and similar drugs could increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Researchers studying patients who used medications like Byetta discovered that they were more likely to show signs of pre-cancerous cellular changes called pancreatic duct metaplasia. Patients with these symptoms may be more likely to develop cancer of the pancreas. The FDA has ordered additional study of these medications to determine if there is a link between drugs like Byetta and pancreatic cancer.

Patients who have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer after using Byetta or other type II diabetes drugs like it have filed lawsuits against their manufacturers. These lawsuits have alleged that the makers of these diabetes drugs failed to properly warn patients about the side effects of these medications despite warnings from the FDA about their dangers. So far, neither the drug companies nor the FDA have announced plans to recall Byetta or other medications in its class.

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