Dallas electrical contractor awarded $2.41 million over knee, back injuries from workplace accident

by Eric Pearson

A jury in Dallas, Texas has awarded a verdict of $2.41 million in a workplace injury lawsuit filed by an electrician who suffered serious back and knee injuries during an accident on the job. Jurors in the case ruled that the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School was negligent for injuries suffered by Johnny Munoz while he was performing repairs at an office building owned by the school in 2009.

Munoz was working as an electrician for a contractor that was hired to perform repairs at Bass Tower II, an office building in Dallas owned by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. While helping to upgrade the computerized system that controls the flow of air into the office building, Munoz worked near an unguarded pulley that was part of the air handling unit. The pulley caught on some electrical wires that were located nearby, causing them to wrap around Munoz’s leg and injure his left knee and back.

Munoz was forced to undergo two surgical procedures to help repair injuries that he suffered during this accident. Munoz was left permanently disabled as a result of the incident and will likely be forced to undergo two additional operations to perform knee replacement surgery in the future.

The jury’s $2.41 million verdict in Munoz’s case against the medical school included awards of $600,000 for pain and suffering, $370,000 for medical expenses, $700,000 for physical impairment, and $740,000 for loss of past and future earnings.

Hundreds of Construction Worker Deaths Reported Each Year

Contractors, construction workers, and other employees have a right to do their jobs in a safe working environment. When private companies and other entities fail to ensure that working conditions at their place of business are safe, they can be held negligent for the injuries caused by their failure to ensure the health of their workers.

As the case of Johnny Munoz demonstrated, this right is not just confined to private sector employees. Government agencies—including state-operated organizations such as the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School—can be held accountable to the exact same safety standards that private companies are held.

Accidents among construction workers have become an increasing problem in recent years. As we reported previously, hundreds of construction workers are killed each year as a result of accidents in the workplace. These accidents included a high number of deaths or injuries among concrete foundation workers, roofers, and electrical contractors such as Johnny Munoz.

Hurt By a Workplace Accident? You May Qualify to File a Lawsuit.

Workers in Texas face a high risk of accidents that has gone largely unchanged for decades due to the state’s lax workplace safety regulations. According to a September 2012 report, Texas was responsible for one in ten workplace deaths in 2010, the highest total in the nation. A total of 82 out of the 461 Texas workplace deaths that occurred in 2010 were in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Workers who have been hurt as a result of injuries that occurred on the job or relatives whose loved one were killed as a result of a workplace accident may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the companies or government agencies whose negligence was the cause of these incidents. The first step to securing the compensation to which you are entitled is to enlist the help of an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process of filing a workplace accident lawsuit.

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by Eric Pearson

Eric Pearson is a licensed attorney and a partner at HO&P who handles commercial and personal injury lawsuits. Eric has been selected to the Super Lawyers List, a Thomson Reuters publication.