Dump truck company ordered to pay $42 million in damages to two men who suffered brain injuries in Cleveland crash

by Charles Miller

A Cleveland, Ohio jury awarded a $42 million verdict to two men who were injured in a November 2010 accident involving a dump truck collision on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge. Brian English was driving a truck for Concrete Styles, and Jovanny Martinez was driving a Honda. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Joshua Rojas and Kiara Torres, were passengers in the Honda. The automobiles were headed east toward downtown.

According to Martinez, English cut in front of him, causing him to hit the dump truck. English argued the accident was caused by Martinez driving too fast. The right side of the Honda suffered the greatest amount of damage.

The two drivers were not injured. However, passengers Rojas and Torres were both seriously injured. Both men suffered extensive brain trauma and are blind in their right eyes.

Martinez later pled guilty to negligent assault in a criminal case regarding the accident and was placed on probation for six months. However, attorneys for Rojas and Torres in the civil lawsuit had an accident reconstruction performed to study and determine the cause of the accident.

Following a 10-day trial, a Cuyahoga County jury determined that Martinez was not negligent and instead the dump truck driver English was responsible for the accident. The jury awarded $34.6 million in damages for Rojas and $7.8 million in damages for Torres.

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