Family of Fort Worth couple killed in head-on collision files lawsuit against Kia, used car dealerships

by Jay Pate

The family of a Fort Worth, Texas couple who were killed in a head-on collision involving their minivan has filed a lawsuit against the car dealership that sold them the vehicle. Mark and Darla Burns were killed while driving in a 2007 Kia Sedona, which they had purchased from Discount Motors, a used car dealership in Arlington.

According to the lawsuit, the Kia Sedona that the Burnses purchased from Discount Motors had been previously owned by Moritz Kia, a Kia dealership located in Fort Worth. Discount Motors is part of the Moritz dealership group.

The lawsuit, filed by the Burns’ daughter, alleges that prior to the couple’s purchase of the vehicle, the airbag system in the minivan had been disabled by Moritz Kia. The dealership allegedly serviced the minivan three years before it was traded in. The vehicle was then sold to Discount Motors, who sold the minivan to the Burnses.

The Burnses were driving with their grandmother to a celebration for her 90th birthday in 2013 when their vehicle was struck by another driver who crossed into their lane. The two cars collided head-on at 70 mph, killing the couple as well as their grandmother. Although the Burnses were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the collision, the airbag system in their Kia minivan failed to deploy.

The lawsuit against Moritz Kia and Discount Motors alleges that the airbag system had been deactivated when the vehicle was serviced by the dealership. An attorney for the Burns family says that the dealerships removed a fuse that controls the vehicle’s airbag system, disconnected a cable to the sensor that deploys the front airbag, and falsely claimed to have replaced the airbag sensor on the passenger side.

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