FDA and Consumer Reports issue warning about dangers of spray sunscreens

by Jay Pate

The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents about the potential health risk of spray sunscreen. The ingredients in spray sunscreen can be harmful to children if accidentally breathed in by the child, according to the FDA. The federal agency announced in June that it was investigating the safety of spray sunscreens. For now, it has been recommended that you first spray the sunscreen on your hand and then lather it into your skin.

Consumer Reports pulls spray sunscreen off recommended list

Given the FDA’s announcement, Consumer Reports has advised people to stop using spray sunscreens on children until the FDA results are released and safety is confirmed. Consumers Reports has also removed one sunscreen spray — Ocean Potion Kids Instant Dry Mist SPF 50 — from its list of recommended sunscreens. According to Consumer Reports, that particular spay product is marketed especially for use by children.

Accidentally inhaling spray sunscreen

The primary health concern regarding spray on sunscreens is the risk people might accidentally breathe in the aerosol ingredients. Inhaling the ingredients is especially risky for kids, who are likely to squirm and move during the application process.

According to Consumer Reports, some sprays even contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which may contain tiny nanoparticles. Inhaling those or any other spray could cause lung irritation—or worse. Consumer Reports has noted that breathing in titanium dioxide may be a cancer risk. The European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has already recommended against using sprays with titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

Spray Sunscreens are flammable

More than 20 sprays were recalled last year because of reports of burn injuries involving people who got too close to an open flame while the spray was still wet. The FDA has acknowledged several incidents in which people wearing sunscreen spray near sources of flame suffered significant burns that required medical treatment.

Many sunscreen spray products contain flammable ingredients, commonly alcohol. Of course, you should never apply a product labeled as flammable while you are near a source of flame. However, the FDA has acknowledged that burns have occurred after the sunscreen spray had been applied. The ignition sources were varied: lighting a cigarette, standing near a candle, approaching a BBQ grill. According to the FDA, the incidents suggest a possibility of catching fire if you are near an open flame or a spark after spraying on a flammable sunscreen—even if you believe you have waited a sufficient time for the sunscreen to dry and your skin feels dry.

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