FDA announces Stryker recall of defective spinal surgery implants

by Charles Miller

The Food and Drug Administration has announced a class 1 recall of a spinal implant manufactured by Stryker, the OASYS Midline Occiput Plate. The recalled implants were distributed by Stryker between April 23, 2010 and February 12, 2013. Hospitals that perform spinal surgery using the OASYS implants have been advised to check their inventories to ensure that they are not used on patients for spinal repair.

According to the recall notice, a pin that connects the head of the implant to its body could fail after the device has been implanted during spinal surgery, leading to complications that could require surgical repair. Patients who experience problems with the OASYS Midline Occiput Plate may suffer blood loss or nerve injuries at the site of the implant.

The FDA warning about the Stryker spinal implant recall advised patients who received one of the recalled devices to schedule routine clinical and radiographic examinations with their doctor in order to check for problems. Patients who experience pain, weakness, or numbness should consult with their doctor in order to determine whether problems that could be occurring with their spinal implant may require revision surgery.

Heygood, Orr & Pearson and Medical Device Lawsuits

Medical devices such as the OASYS Midline Occiput Plate were manufactured with the intent of improving the quality of life for patients who are treated with them. However, when these products are not manufactured to the highest standards, they can lead to serious and potentially fatal injuries.

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