Florida construction accident lawsuit filed against cement mixer manufacturer

by Heygood Orr and Pearson

A construction accident lawsuit has been filed in Florida on behalf of an 11 year old boy whose father was killed while using a cement mixer. The lawsuit alleges that the Houston, Texas-based company that manufactured the cement mixer failed to install safety guards to prevent accidents involving workers who used the machine.

According to the lawsuit, the accident occurred while the boy’s father was working with a construction crew that was installing an outdoor pool at a residential address. While cement was being mixed in the mixer, the man climbed on top of the truck in order to help move sand into the augur assembly, a rotating screw-like part that helps to mix the cement.

While he was on top of the truck, the man fell into the unguarded augur assembly, which severed his legs. Although the construction crew was able to pull the man out of the mixer, he died soon afterward as a result of his injuries.

The lawsuit filed against the manufacturer of the cement mixer alleges that the company was negligent for failing to install guards around the augur assembly, and for building the ladder that led to the top of the truck in such a way that it provided easy access to the exposed augur. The lawsuit also contends that the company failed to provide proper warnings about the dangers of the cement mixer or safety mechanisms that could have shut down the machine to prevent serious injuries.

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