Galveston driver files lawsuit against Farmers Texas Mutual Insurance over denial of claim following car accident

by Jay Pate

A Galveston, Texas man has filed a lawsuit against his insurance company for failing to pay his claim for injuries suffered as a result of a car accident. Catarino Torres filed a lawsuit against Farmers Texas Mutual Insurance Company in December 2015 after the company refused to fulfill the terms of his insurance policy.

According to the lawsuit, Torres was involved in a car accident in Galveston in February 2015. Torres suffered severe injuries after his vehicle was struck by another motorist, who subsequently fled the scene of the accident.

Torres filed a claim with Farmers Texas Mutual regarding his injuries and medical expenses. However, he subsequently found out that his claim had been denied.  Torres then sued, claiming that the denial of his claim had been wrongful.  His lawsuit seeks actual damages as well as pre- and post-judgment interest, court costs, and any other relief deemed appropriate.

Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuits Filed Over Wrongful Denial of Car Accident Injury Claims

Individuals with a valid insurance policy may be able to receive compensation from their insurance company under the terms of their policy for injuries, medical bills, and other expenses incurred in a car or truck accident. If you believe you were treated unfairly by an insurance company, you should consult with an attorney who has the experience and resources to pursue a “bad faith” lawsuit against an insurance company.

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by Jay Pate

John “Jay” Pate is a licensed attorney who focuses his practice on complex tort litigation involving catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and product liability cases.