Georgia family files lawsuit over auto accident involving Snapchat ‘speed filter’

by Jim Orr

The family of a Georgia man who suffered traumatic brain injuries from a car accident has filed a lawsuit against the driver of the other vehicle and the messaging app Snapchat. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Wentworth Maynard, alleges that the teenage driver of the other vehicle was using Snapchat’s “speed filter” on her phone at the time of the crash.

According to the lawsuit, a vehicle driven by Christal McGee was traveling more than 100 miles-per-hour near Atlanta, Georgia at the time the accident occurred. McGee stated that she was “just trying to get the car to 100 miles per hour to post it on Snapchat.” The speed limit on the road where the accident occurred was 55 mph.

Snapchat – a popular cell phone messaging app – contains numerous filters that allow users to add graphic displays to images sent through the app. One of these filters, known as the “speed filter,” shows the speed at which the user is traveling when they took the photo. Maynard’s lawsuit alleges that Snapchat was aware of several accidents that were linked to the “speed filter” at the time of his crash, but that the company failed to remove the filter from the app.

The lawsuit alleges that because she was distracted by her phone, McGee failed to notice that Maynard’s grey Mitsubishi had pulled out onto the road in front of her. McGee’s car was traveling at 107 mph when the two vehicles collided.

Maynard suffered severe traumatic brain injuries as a result of the crash. He spent five weeks in intensive care recuperating from his injuries. He has been unable to work since the accident, and now requires a walker or a wheelchair to move around. Maynard was employed as an Uber driver at the time of the accident.

Newspaper reports on the accident have stated that McGee took a photo of herself using Snapchat while she was in an ambulance following the collision. She is reported to have captioned this photo with the words, “Lucky to be alive.”

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