by Charles Miller

Biomet, Inc. is one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers.  The company designs, manufactures and markets a surgical implant device known as the “Biomet Orthopedic Salvage System” or “Biomet OSS.”

Following a total knee replacement and subsequent fracture, the Biomet OSS was implanted in our client’s leg.  However, a portion of the implant connected to the femur later split in half.   This malfunction of the Biomet OSS caused severe injuries to our client, including tremendous pain and substantial medical expenses.

HO&P recently filed suit on behalf of our client against Biomet, alleging that the company’s implant was defective.  The lawsuit also alleges, in part, that Biomet was negligent and that the Biomet OSS was defectively designed and manufactured.  Among other things, the lawsuit alleges that Biomet is liable for:

a. Providing misleading, inadequate, and/or insufficient warnings regarding the Biomet OSS;

b. Failure to provide to the FDA information or data relevant to the safety of the Biomet OSS;

c. Not performing sufficient testing of the Biomet OSS to confirm or ensure it was safe for its intended use;

d. Failure to use due care to test and inspect the Biomet OSS to determine its durability and functionality for the purpose for which it was intended;

e. Failure to ensure the Biomet OSS was made without defects;

f. Failure to conduct adequate testing and post-marketing surveillance to determine the safety of the Biomet OSS;

The lawsuit seeks to recover all damages that our client has suffered as a result of the surgical implant.

Our firm has considerable experience and expertise handling product defect claims such as the surgical implant involved in this case.   If you have any questions about a surgical implant that may be defective, please call us for a free case evaluation.