Jury awards $632 K to man whose arm was crushed at Tyson plant in Amarillo

by Michael Heygood

Cleaning a jammed conveyor, reaching for a wrench, or retrieving a dropped glove are common work tasks for many people. However, each of these acts can lead to a serious injury. Many injuries occur during equipment maintenance. Sometimes workers try to reach past the guards while trying to service equipment or get caught in power transmissions such as belts, pulleys, running rolls, chains or sprockets. Other injuries occur when equipment is unguarded or when machinery starts unexpectedly.

Mahdey Abdi worked at Tyson Fresh Meats’ Amarillo beef processing plant. While working on the cleanup shift at the plant, Abdi’s hand and arm were pulled by a conveyor into the conveyor machinery. According to his attorney, treatment of Abdi’s inuries required pins, plates and screws to be placed in his forearm and little finger. Abdi sued Tsyon, alleging he had not been properly trained on how to disable the conveyer table he was cleaning. This month, following a trial in Potter County, Texas, a jury found Tyson negligent and awarded Abdi $632,395 in damages to compensate him for lost wages, physical pain, mental anguish, disfigurement and impairment.

According to OSHA, nearly five million workers experience an occupational injury or illness on the job every year. More than half of these injuries and illnesses are severe enough to cause the worker to spend time away from work. Workers using and working around heavy equipment and machinery are susceptible to getting caught in the moving parts of the device. Clothing, shoes, fingers, and hair are common items that can easily get caught or compressed by everyday equipment during normal operation.

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