Louisiana man files lawsuit against trucking company after wife is injured in accident

by Heygood Orr and Pearson

A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit against a truck dealership after his wife was run over by an 18 wheeler. Wayne Marable alleges that his wife, Connie, was dragged several feet after being hit by a semi-truck that was serviced by Empire Truck Sales.

According to his lawsuit against the trucking company, Marable took his 18-wheeler to be serviced by Empire Truck Sales on several occasions because it was slipping gears. Although Marable continued to experience problems with his truck after having it repaired, Empire assured him that the vehicle was in working order.

Connie Marable was run over by her husband’s truck after the vehicle accidentally shifted gears during operation. Mrs. Marable was left severely injured after the accident and fell into a coma.

The lawsuit against Empire alleges that the company failed to properly investigate the problems that were reported with the 18-wheeler and failed to properly warn Marable of the mechanical condition of the vehicle. Marable’s 18 wheeler lawsuit against Empire is seeking medical expenses for the care of his wife and other damages against the company.