Massachusetts high court affirms lower court ruling that insurance company is liable for failure to defend auto repair shop against mechanic’s personal injury lawsuit

by Michael Heygood

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that Zurich American Insurance Company is liable for a $2.3 million default judgement entered against a Massachusetts auto repair shop in a lawsuit filed by a mechanic who was injured while working there. The mechanic, Joseph Boyle, filed a personal injury lawsuit against C&N Corporation after he was severely injured by an exploding tire at the auto repair shop.

According to the original lawsuit, Boyle agreed to help a friend who worked at C&N fix a truck that was at the auto repair shop. While they were making repairs to the vehicle, Boyle’s friend revved the engine, causing one of the truck’s tires to explode. Boyle suffered severe injuries, causing him more than $100,000 in medical bills and more than $250,000 in lost earnings.

Following the accident, C&N notified its insurance company, Zurich American Insurance Company, about the accident. Although Zurich opened a claim regarding the accident, the insurance company failed to take any action in regard to the claim for several years. An attorney representing Boyle and his wife also contacted the insurance company, but failed to receive any response.

When Zurich finally reviewed the claim in Boyle’s case, the insurer concluded that the mechanic’s injuries exceeded the $50,000 limit on C&N’s policy. Zurich neither communicated this conclusion to Boyle or C&N, nor did it make any kind of settlement offer to the two parties.

A default judgement in the case was entered against C&N for $2.6 million. Because the auto repair shop had become insolvent by this time, it assigned its rights against Zurich to Boyle, who filed a lawsuit against the insurance company in Massachusetts superior court seeking a default judgement.

Zurich argued that it had no duty to defend C&N against Boyle’s claim because it alleged that the auto repair shop had failed to provide the insurance company with any notice of the mechanic’s lawsuit. Although the court agreed with Zurich’s argument that C&N had failed to fulfill the notice condition of the insurance policy, it ruled that the insurer was still obligated to defend the auto repair shop because it had received notice of the lawsuit from Boyle’s attorney. “Since C&N had previously told Zurich about Mr. Boyle’s injury and likely claim, when Zurich learned of the lawsuit,” the court ruled, “it had every reason to believe that C&N would want Zurich to defend it. At that point, Zurich had to either step in and provide a defense, or at least contact C&N and confirm whether C&N wanted Zurich to defend the suit.”

The court ruled that Zurich had breached its duty to defend C&N by failing to settle Boyle’s lawsuit within the repair shop’s policy limit. As a result, the court ruled, Zurich was liable for the excess portion of the judgment obtained by the Boyles plus post-judgment interest, which totaled approximately $2.3 million.

Zurich appealed the superior court’s ruling to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. However, the high court affirmed the lower court ruling in the case, stating that it had ruled correctly in finding Zurich liable for the judgment in Boyle’s lawsuit.

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by Michael Heygood

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