Nail gun lawsuit involving brain injury ends in $2.5 million verdict

by Charles Miller

Martin Oliver was using a Hitachi NR83A nail gun when the gun discharged a nail into his head. The nail penetrated Oliver’s brain, causing permanent, disabling injuries.

Oliver sued the nail gun’s manufacturer, alleging that the tool was defectively designed in that it had a contact trip mechanism. As a result, the gun permitted a nail to be fired whenever the nose of the gun contacted a surface and the trigger was pulled—regardless of the order in which those events occurred.

Oliver contended that the gun should have had a sequential trip mechanism, which would have prevented it from firing unless the trigger was pulled after the gun’s nose contacted a surface. Oliver alleged that Hitachi was aware that the contact trip mechanism could cause inadvertent firing but failed to address the risk.

The jury found that the nail gun was defectively designed and awarded about $2 million to Oliver, including $1 million for pain and suffering and about $1 million in economic damages. The addition of costs and interest raises the plaintiff’s recovery to more than $2.5 million.

Fighting for Safer Power Tools

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