New Jersey man struck by 18-wheelers reaches $3.8 million settlement lawsuit against trucking companies

by John Chapman

Early one morning in the summer of 2010, Kyle Kelly was driving home from work on Interstate 380 near Coolbaugh Township, New Jersey. An 18-wheeler travelling on the opposite side of the divided highway veered across the grass median and struck Kelly’s SUV head-on. Kelley and his disabled vehicle were then struck by a second 18-wheeler. Kelly was seriously injured.

Kelly brought a lawsuit alleging that the accident and his injuries were caused by the negligence of the drivers of the tractor-trailers and their trucking companies. The suit—against Isabel Lopez and Proud 2 Haul Inc. and John Bonyea and his employer Leonard’s Transportation Inc.—was scheduled to go to trial in November. However, Kelley has reached a settlement with the defendants.

According to Kelly’s lawsuit, Lopez, who was driving the first truck that crossed from the northbound to southbound lanes, admitted to state police that he took his eyes off the road to search for an apple that he had dropped in his cab. The lawsuit alleged that Lopez and Proud-2-Haul Inc. were negligent for failing to safely drive the truck, violating federal motor carrier safety regulations, failing to keep accurate driver logs and failing to maintain the truck. Similar allegations were made against Bonyea, who drove the second truck, and Leonard’s Transportation.

Kelly, who was 23 at the time, suffered head injuries (including two fractured eye sockets, a fractured jaw and palette, and traumatic brain injury), a broken leg, a broken foot and other injuries. After 16 surgeries and rehabilitation, Kelly still suffers cognitive impairment and has difficulty walking, according to his lawsuit. The defendants have agreed to pay $3.8 million to settle Kelly’s claims.

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