New York worker agrees to settle construction site lawsuit against contractor

by Heygood Orr and Pearson

A New York construction worker has agreed to a $330,000 settlement in his lawsuit against the general contractor where he worked as a day laborer. Miguel Villegas filed a lawsuit against Vexell, Inc. after he was injured while working at a Brooklyn construction site that was operated by the company.

According to his lawsuit, Villegas was standing on top of a metal ladder at a two-story commercial building in Brooklyn when the ladder slipped, causing him to fall 8-10 feet to the ground. Villegas broke one of his ankles in the fall and was hospitalized for five days following surgery.

Lawyers for Villegas alleged that Vexell and the owners of the building where he was working were liable for his injuries because the ladder on which he was standing had no anti-skid padding on the bottom to prevent the ladder from slipping. He also alleged that he was not provided with safety equipment to prevent him from falling or to protect him in case he did fall.