Oil drilling, fracking boom makes Texas deadliest U.S. state in total traffic fatalities

by Charles Miller

Fatal accidents on Texas roads have spiked during the ongoing boom in hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) according to a joint investigation by the Houston Chronicle and Houston Public Media News 88.7. Highway deaths have dropped steadily all across the United States for the last six decades. However, in Texas, the numbers of all motor vehicle fatalities as well as accidents involving commercial trucks have been increasing since the state’s oil drilling and fracking boom began in 2008.

Since 2008, Texas has been leading all states in motor vehicle deaths, surpassing California as the previous national leader, according to U.S. Department of Transportation records. Traffic deaths linked to commercial vehicle crashes in Texas have risen dramatically by 51 percent, from 352 in 2009 to 532 in 2013, according to the Houston Chronicle’s review of the data.

It’s obviously difficult to determine just how crashes can be linked to the state’s oil and gas boom. However, Texas traffic accident data records do show that fatal accidents increased more in counties that make up the Permian Basin and in those affected by the Barnett and Eagle Ford shale plays, according to the Houston Chronicle. In these counties, the “roads regularly fill with tractor-trailers, tanker trucks and commercial vans hauling water, workers and supplies to oil and natural gas well sites, as well as in urban counties that serve as burgeoning hubs for the oil field industry.”

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by Charles Miller

Charles Miller is a licensed attorney and a partner at Heygood, Orr & Pearson. Charles focuses his practice on areas of complex commercial litigation and personal injury litigation.