One fatality reported in Wise County rock hauler accident

by Heygood Orr and Pearson

One driver was killed and another injured when two rock haulers collided this week near the Wise County-Tarrant County line not far from Denton, Texas. One of the rock haulers was driving southbound on US 287 when it collided with the other rock hauler, which was crossing the highway eastbound.

According to DPS reports, the accident occurred when the eastbound rock hauler pulled in front of the truck traveling on US 287, causing the two trucks to collide. The driver of the southbound truck was thrown from his vehicle, after which he was struck by a pickup truck. After being stuck by at least two other vehicles, the ejected driver was later pronounced dead at the scene.

After the collision, the driverless rock hauler continued across the center median before coming to rest on the other side of the highway and bursting into flames. The driver of the other rock hauler was not injured, and the driver of the pickup truck was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Wise County, where the deadly rock hauler accident took place, is one of the deadliest spots in the country for wrecks involving large 18 wheelers. According to data from the state of Texas, drivers in Wise County are 13-times more likely to die in a truck accident than are drivers from nearby Dallas.