Pennsylvania homebuilder faces water damage lawsuit from state attorney general’s office

by Jay Pate

The Pennsylvania attorney general’s office has filed a civil lawsuit against a local homebuilder over numerous cases of water damage in houses built by the company. The lawsuit alleges that the Cutler Group misrepresented the weather-resistant quality of its homes to customers, leading to serious water damage to their homes.

Sarah Frasch, director of the Pennsylvania attorney general’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said that an investigation by her department revealed that the Cutler Group violated manufacturer recommendations, state building codes, and industry practices in the construction of homes. Frasch said that the improper installation of stucco, weather barriers, and flashings in homes built by the Cutler Group allowed water to infiltrate these houses, causing significant water damage. In some cases, she said, water damage in new homes built by the Cutler Group exceeded $100,000.

Frasch said that since 2011, the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office has received numerous complaints from homeowners throughout the southeastern part of the state about water damage in homes built by the Cutler Group. She says that the volume of complaints pointed to a pattern of behavior that prompted the attorney general’s office to launch an investigation of the Cutler Group.

Part of the problem with homes built by the Cutler Group may have been caused by stucco used in the construction of these buildings, Frasch said. Although stucco is effective at keeping out moisture in hotter, drier climates, in areas with variations in moisture caused by changing seasonal temperatures, stucco may be less effective at keeping water out of the home.

Frasch says that the number of individual lawsuits filed by homeowners against the Cutler Group also played a role in the decision to launch an investigation. In one of these cases, a homeowner in Bucks County, Pennsylvania was awarded $151,325 in damages against the Cutler Group.

The attorney general’s lawsuit against the Cutler Group is seeking to recover damages on behalf of homeowners affected by the company’s construction practices. The lawsuit also seeks $1,000 in damages for each violation of Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law committed by the Cutler Group, as well as $3,000 for every violation affecting a person 60 years of age or older.

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