Purdue Pharma still trying to move OxyContin lawsuit filed by Kentucky attorney general

by Jim Orr

In 2007, the Kentucky attorney general filed a OxyContin lawsuit against Purdue Pharma in Pike County, Kentucky. The lawsuit alleges that Purdue Pharma misled healthcare providers, consumers and government officials regarding the risk of addiction associated with the opioid painkiller drug. The lawsuit seeks reimbursement for costs incurred in drug abuse programs, law enforcement actions, and prescription payments.

Shortly after the case was filed, Purdue Pharma removed the case to federal court in New York. After four years that included an appeal by Purdue to the Second Circuit, the federal courts determined that the case should proceed back in Pike County Circuit Court where it was originally filed.

Purde Pharma is now arguing that the trial should be moved away from Pikeville to some other part of Kentucky. Circuit Judge Steve Combs recently heard arguments from attorneys for Purdue Pharma claiming that the drug company will be unable to get a fair trial in the county. A consultant hired by Purdue Pharma testified that his company conducted a survey of potential jurors and found a “perfect storm” of public opinion against the company in Pike County.

The Kentucky attorney general’s office responded by arguing that the trial should remain in Pikeville. The state offered expert testimony challenging the validity of Purdue Pharma’s public opinion research, claiming it was designed to generate negative results. The court did not indicate when a decision would be made.

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