Radio station awarded $9 million from insurance carrier over losses due to Hurricane Katrina

by Jay Pate

A Louisiana state jury has decided that Citadel Broadcasting Corp. is entitled to nearly $9 million for breach of contract and bad faith insurance claims against Axis US Insurance Co. for failing to fully compensate the company for damages suffered by its radio stations as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Citadel filed the suit when its insurance carrier failed to reimburse it for losses incurred by three New Orleans radio stations (KKND, KMEZ, and WDVW) that were knocked off the air by Hurricane Katrina. The jury award includes $5.9 million to cover lost advertising revenue and $2.9 million for the insurance carrier acting in bad faith.

The insurance carrier had attempted to avoid payment by claiming that “a loss of market exclusion” in the policy precluded the claims. The insurer claimed that the radio station needed to “conduct a customer-by-customer analysis showing that property damage tied to Katrina was specifically responsible for the reduction in anticipated advertising revenue.” The jury found that the company had adequately demonstrated its loss of advertising revenue was due to Katrina and that the insurer should have paid the claim.

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