Samsung Galaxy S4

Consumers who purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit against the company. According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Galaxy S4 owners, Samsung advertised the Galaxy S4 as having significantly more storage capacity than what was actually available on the device. Consumers who purchased the 16 GB Galaxy S4 were unaware that the actual available memory on the phone was far less than the advertised capacity of the device and far less than other similar devices.

Samsung Class Action Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit against Samsung was filed in May 2013 by the law firm of Heygood, Orr & Pearson on behalf of plaintiff Conrad Sheffer and other California consumers who purchased the Galaxy S4. According to the lawsuit, Sheffer purchased a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, believing that he would be able to utilize the full 16GB capacity of the phone as advertised by Samsung. After attempting to load photos, apps, and other data onto the phone, however, Sheffer found that 6.85GB—or nearly 43% of the purported storage capacity of the 16GB Galaxy 4S—was unusable as a result of software that came pre-installed on the phone by Samsung.

Shaffer filed a class action lawsuit against Samsung, alleging that the company had violated California state law by misleading consumers into believing that storage capacity of the Galaxy S4 was greater than the actual data capacity that they could access on the phone. The lawsuit also alleges that Samsung has failed to compensate customers who purchased the Galaxy S4 based on the purported storage capacity of the device. Samsung has issued a statement about the availability of micro SD cards with a storage capacity of up to 64GB. However, these micro SD cards are only available for purchase and currently cannot be used to store many programs—including mobile apps, Google Play movies or TV shows, and Google music—making them an unacceptable substitute for the smartphone’s internal memory.

The class action lawsuit against Samsung is seeking a refund for the full purchase price of the 16GB Galaxy S4 from the company. According to the lawsuit, the phone retails for approximately $649.99, or $249.99 if purchased with a contract through a wireless service provider.

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