Six Flags responds to lawsuit filed over fatal roller coaster accident in Arlington, Texas

by Charles Miller

In July, 52 year-old Rosa Esparza of Dallas fell to her death from the Texas Giant roller coaster at the Six Flags park in Arlington. Her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Tarrant County naming the amusement park, Six Flags Entertainment Corp., Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc. and Texas Flags, Ltd. as defendants.

The Texas Giant coaster rises 14 stories high and has a 79-degree first drop, which is the steepest such drop in the world for a wooden roller coaster. Esparza’s family alleges that she was upside down in her seat and holding on for “dear life” before she was thrown to her death. The car had no seat belt or shoulder harness, only a single lap or “T-bar” to restrain passengers. The lawsuit alleges that prior to the accident there were problems with the ride’s security system and that park employees should not have allowed the train to be dispatched unless each safety bar restraint was in the proper position.

In response to the lawsuit, Six Flags Over Texas denied liability and asserted that it complied with inspections and maintenance procedures recommended by the German company, Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, that designed and manufactured the roller coaster train, its passenger restraint system and the track the ride operates on.

The Texas Giant was immediately shut down following the fatal accident. Last month, Six Flags reopened the ride and has said its investigation found that no mechanical failure was involved in the accident. However, since the accident, Six Flags has added re-designed restraint-bar pads from the manufacturer as well as new seat belts. In addition, Six Flags now provides a sample coaster seat at the ride entrance for guests to test their fit before entering the line. According to the park, guests with “unique body shapes and sizes” may not fit into the ride’s restraint system.

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