St. Louis jury awards $55 million talcum powder verdict against Johnson & Johnson, second consecutive defeat in talcum powder litigation

by Charles Miller

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $55 million in damages to a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using the company’s talcum baby powder products. The $55 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson is the second consecutive talcum powder case in which jurors have awarded a multimillion dollar verdict against the company to a plaintiff who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The $55 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson followed a three week trial in which jurors were presented with evidence that the company deliberately concealed from consumers the link between talcum powder products and an increased risk of ovarian cancer. In addition to a $5 million verdict for compensatory damages, the jury also awarded the plaintiff $50 million in punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson.

According to the lawsuit, Gloria Ristesund used talcum powder products manufactured by Johnson & Johnson—including Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower. After decades of using these products for feminine hygiene, Ristesund was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was forced to undergo a hysterectomy and other related surgeries to treat her cancer symptoms.

Ristesund filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson accusing the company of failing to warn consumers about their risk of developing ovarian cancer from using talcum baby powder for feminine hygiene in their vaginal area. Evidence uncovered during the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson has shown that the company was aware of the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. According to the suit, despite the fact that safer alternatives were available, Johnson & Johnson continued to use talc in its baby powder products even after learning of their potential cancer risk.

The $55 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson is the second consecutive multimillion verdict against the company awarded by jurors this year. In February 2016, another St. Louis jury awarded a $72 million verdict to the family of an Alabama woman who died from ovarian cancer that was linked to her use of Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products. Attorneys representing Ristesund in her lawsuit against the company say that the two consecutive verdicts in favor of talcum powder users may put pressure on Johnson & Johnson to reach a settlement in the remaining talcum powder lawsuits against the company.

Johnson & Johnson is currently facing about 1,200 lawsuits involving allegations that the company failed to warn consumers about the ovarian cancer risk of its talcum powder products. Many lawsuits were filed in New Jersey state court, where Johnson & Johnson’s corporate headquarters are located. In addition, others have been filed against the company in state court in Missouri.

Lawsuits Filed Over Ovarian Cancer Diagnoses Linked to Talcum Baby Powder Products

If you or a loved one used Johnson’s Baby Powder, Shower to Shower body powder, or other talcum powder products and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you may qualify to file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson or other manufacturers of talcum powder products. The first step in taking legal action is to contact an attorney with the experience in personal injury and product liability lawsuit to successfully handle your case all the way to a verdict or settlement.

Hundreds of lawsuits have already been filed by patients who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum products manufactured by Johnson & Johnson or other companies. For a free legal consultation to find out whether you may qualify to file a lawsuit, contact the lawyers at Heygood, Orr & Pearson by calling toll-free at 1-877-446-9001. You can also reach us by following the link to our free case evaluation form and answering a few simple questions about your case to get started.


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by Charles Miller

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