Texas family files personal injury lawsuit against pool owners on behalf of injured child

by Eric Pearson

The family of a Waco, Texas-area boy who was seriously injured when he fell from the diving board at a public pool has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the pool where the accident occurred. William and Jenny Hogan, the parents of Jacob Hogan, allege that negligence on the part of James L. Kolacek and Christy Kolacek – the owners of the Playdium Pool in West, Texas – resulted in serious injuries to their son.

According to the lawsuit, the accident occurred in August 2014 when Jacob was preparing to jump from the high dive at the Playdium Pool. As Jacob began running toward the end of the diving board, another child swam below the high dive after jumping from the adjacent low dive board. Jacob grabbed the diving board’s railing in order to prevent him from jumping onto the child below. However, his forward momentum swung him to the side of the diving board, causing him to fall onto the concrete below.

Jacob suffered a concussion as well as a broken right leg as a result of the accident. He was forced to undergo surgery to repair the injuries to his leg. The Hogans allege in their lawsuit that medical expenses as a result of the accident totaled more than $74,000.

The lawsuit filed by the Hogan family against Playdium Pool and the Kolaceks alleges that the owners failed to provide a safe environment for children swimming in the pool. The family alleges that the Kolaceks failed to hire enough staff members and lifeguards in order to properly monitor the children swimming at Playdium Pool.

The lawsuit also faults the Kolaceks for failing to maintain insurance coverage for the pool. According to the Hogan’s lawyer, “operating a public recreational swimming pool, where children can get hurt, without insurance, is simply irresponsible. Swimming pools and diving boards are inherently dangerous, but the owners of the Playdium Pool did not care enough about their patrons to have insurance in case they got hurt.”

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