Texas hail storms in 2016 cause record damage to homes and vehicles

by Michael Heygood

Insurance experts say that damage from hail storms in the state of Texas through April have already exceeded the nine-year average for hail storm damage in the United States. Insurance damage estimates for two Texas hail storms in the Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth areas in March have totaled $1.3 billion, more than the $1.2 billion average in hail storm damage in the U.S. Insurance companies are facing hundreds of lawsuits filed by home and vehicle owners whose property was damaged in these two storms, as well as a third in San Antonio.

Damage from this third hail storm, which hit the San Antonio area in April, is still being calculated. However, experts are already calling the Bexar County storm the most costly hail event in Texas history. Insurance losses from hail damage to vehicles are expected to reach $560 million, while damage to homes is expected to reach $800 million.

Experts say that some of the hail stones in the March storms that hit San Antonio were more than 3 inches in diameter. Approximately 110,000 vehicles and thousands of homes were damaged in the San Antonio storms.

Hail stones in the April storm that hit the Dallas-Ft. Worth area ranged from the size of blueberries to tennis balls. Although data about the number of vehicles and homes damaged in the storm have not been released, insurance experts say that an estimated 50,000 cars and about 15,000 homes may have been damaged by hail in the storm.

Hail damage to vehicles may include broken windshields or windows and dents in the roof or body of cars that are struck by falling hail. Property damage losses from hail storms may include broken windows or roof damage to homes or other buildings.

Insurance companies in Texas are facing hundreds of lawsuits filed by vehicle and homeowners whose property was damages in Texas’ spring hail storms. Despite the widespread damage caused by these storms, the insurance industry has attempted to challenge some of these claims in court in an effort to deter litigation over wrongfully-denied insurance claims.

Insurance Lawsuits Filed by Heygood, Orr & Pearson

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