Texas home builder faces lawsuit over extensive water damage to Galveston woman’s home

by Charles Miller

A Galveston area home builder is accused of negligence that resulted in severe water damage to the home of a League City, Texas woman who hired the company. The lawsuit against builder D.R. Horton Texas was filed by National Specialty Insurance Company over more than $71,000 in insurance claims paid for water damage to the home of policyholder Sheila Perrine.

According to the lawsuit, Perrine purchased a home built by D.R. Horton in February 2012. Eight months later, a leaking toilet in the home caused water damage. Although the builder repaired the leak and some of the damage to the home, in the process of making these repairs, the builder caused additional damage to a water line leading into the bathroom, causing additional water damage to the home.

In November 2012, a water shutoff valve in the home failed, causing water damage that was so extensive the house became uninhabitable. Although the valve was replaced, National Specialty Insurance was forced to pay $71,203 in claims for damages related to the water leaks into Perrine’s home.

The insurance company’s lawsuit against D.R. Horton accuses the builder of negligence in the construction of the house, breach of contract, breach of warranty, and deceptive trade practices. The lawsuit also alleges claims of products liability against both D.H. Horton and an unnamed defendant that manufactured the water shutoff valve in the home.

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Water flow from another property can cause significant damage to homes and property. Water damage to a home can weaken the structure or foundation of a home or property, cause mold growth in a building, or significantly reshape the contours of your land. All of these events may require costly repairs in order to be fixed. However, homeowners and property owners who experience water damage may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the party who is responsible and recover damages for the injury to their property.

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by Charles Miller

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