Texas ‘pro-insurance company’ bill would make it harder for property owners to collect unpaid claims, critics say

by John Chapman

A bill was recently proposed in the Texas legislature that would make it harder for property owners to sue their insurance company over unpaid insurance claims. Experts have raised concerns that if the bill is passed, the Texas legislature could try to extend similar measures to prevent collision repairers from collecting unpaid claims regarding auto accidents.

The new Texas bill, known as Senate Bill 1628, was written in response to the high number of insurance claims filed in the state over damage caused by hail storms. According to a Dallas Morning News report, insurance companies have stopped offering hail damage coverage in some areas of the state because of the number of lawsuits filed over unpaid claims. Critics of the bill say that it would prevent property owners who have suffered legitimate damage from being able to seek compensation, including individuals whose home or property suffers water damage.

Opponents of the bill have attacked it as being blatantly pro-insurance company. The co-authors of the Senate bill were Senators Larry Taylor, the owner of Truman Taylor Insurance Agency, and Van Taylor, the director of Churchill Capital. A companion version of the Senate bill, House Bill 3646, is currently awaiting approval from the Texas House Insurance committee.

Provisions of the Texas insurance bill would make it easier for insurance companies to stall or dispute valid property damage claims, lower the amount of interest that can be sought for an unpaid insurance claim, shorten the time that a property owner has to file a claim and increase the amount of paperwork that needs to be filed in order to dispute an unpaid insurance claim.

Problems with an Insurance Company? You Have Legal Rights.

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by John Chapman

John Chapman is a licensed attorney with experience in complex commercial litigation (including securities fraud, RICO, shareholder oppression, and derivative actions) and personal injury litigation.