Texas insurance company files lawsuit over water damage to Beaumont-area home

by Michael Heygood

A Texas insurance company has filed a lawsuit over water damage caused by a faulty water heater in the home of a Beaumont-area man insured by the company. Foremost Lloyds of Texas, which insured the home of Groves, Texas-resident Paul Perkinz, filed the water damage lawsuit against Lowe’s Home Centers and Watts Regulator Co. over damage to the home caused by the faulty water heater.

According to the lawsuit, Perkinz’s home and property suffered water damage when a water heater connector that was sold by Lowe’s and manufactured by Watts discharged water. Foremost Lloyds paid more than $11,000 in settlement costs to repair the damage to Perkinz’s property.

Lloyds alleges that Lowe’s and Watts were negligent in manufacturing and selling a water heater connector that contained defects. The insurance company’s lawsuit against Lowe’s and Watts seeks to recover the $11,000 in costs paid to Perkinz for the damage to his home, as well as interest and court costs totaling approximately $100,000.

Texas Water Damage Lawsuits

Water damage can cause significant damage to homes and property. Water damage in the home can weaken the structure or foundation. Property damage caused by water flow can significantly reshape the contours of your land. All of these events may require costly repairs in order to be fixed.

If your home or property has suffered water damage due to a defective product or the wrongful actions of a neighbor, nearby business, or construction company, you may qualify to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. The first step in filing a water damage lawsuit in Texas is to talk with a law firm with the experience to successfully handle your case.

The lawyers at Heygood, Orr & Pearson have handled hundreds of commercial litigation cases. Damages in these cases have ranged from tens of thousands of dollars to tens of millions. These cases include a lawsuit filed earlier this year by our attorneys on behalf of an Austin, Texas property owner whose land was damaged due to runoff from a neighbor’s property.

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