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Texas residents file class action lawsuit over flood damage caused by poor drainage along Union Pacific railroad tracks

Residents of a Texas town whose property was destroyed by heavy flooding in 2016 have filed a lawsuit in federal court against the railroad company who they allege was responsible for the damage. The lawsuit – filed by residents of Palestine, Texas against the Union Pacific Railroad – alleges that faulty drainage along the railroad’s tracks caused flooding that led to millions of dollars in damages to their homes and property.

The Palestine residents who filed the lawsuit against Union Pacific are seeking class action status for their claims on behalf of residents in all 50 states whose property was damaged as a result of faulty drainage near the company’s railroad track. Experts estimate that the suit could eventually involve hundreds of millions of dollars in alleged damages against Union Pacific.

The claims at the heart of the lawsuit involve heavy rains that hit Palestine in 2016. The rains caused severe flooding that damaged the homes and property of residents of the Texas town.

Following the storm, an inspection of the Union Pacific rail lines following the storm, residents noticed debris clogging the railroad culverts near the tracks, which are designed to drain water near the tracks. Union Pacific is legally required to maintain these culverts, the plaintiffs allege, in order to prevent drainage from the railroad track from causing flood damage.

The Palestine residents allege that Union Pacific failed to properly maintain the culverts and drainage systems near its tracks because doing so would have caused train delays that would have cost the railroad money. But by failing to properly maintain these drainage systems, the lawsuit claims, Union Pacific railroad tracks caused flooding and property damage in 43 Texas counties, as well as other states across the U.S.

The class action against Union Pacific seeks to force the railroad to pay for damage to land that was flooded as a result of the poorly maintained railroad tracks. The lawsuit also seeks to force Union Pacific to repair and properly maintain drainage culverts along properties that were damaged by flooding.

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