Truck accident involving two 18 wheelers near Bridgeport, Texas

by Heygood Orr and Pearson

Two 18 wheeler trucks were involved in an accident when a loose piece of plywood flew onto the road from a pickup truck traveling on Texas 114 near Bridgeport, Texas. No fatalities were reported in the accident, although the driver of one of the 18 wheelers was flown by helicopter to a local hospital due to his injuries.

According to local news reports, the piece of plywood that flew from the pickup truck flew into the windshield of truck driver James Wayne King, who was traveling west on Texas 114 from Bridgeport. King’s brakes locked when he tried to stop his truck, causing the 18 wheeler to jackknife. Another truck driver, Robert Wayne Lee, swerved to avoid King’s truck, causing his vehicle to flip. Lee was transported to John Peter Smith Hospital in Ft. Worth after suffering internal injuries.

The driver of the pickup truck that caused the accident was unaware that the 18 wheeler crash had even occurred until police tracked him down at a nearby restaurant. Officials with the Department of Public Safety say that they plan to cite the pickup truck driver for failure to secure a load. Neither King nor the pickup driver were injured in the accident.