Truckers file lawsuit against Texas transportation company over unfair compensation

by John Chapman

A group of truckers has filed a lawsuit against a Texas-based transportation company over unfair compensation. The lawsuit, filed by five truckers against TIGA Logistics, alleges that the company overcharged them for expenses while failing to fairly compensate them for their work. The lawsuit is seeking class action status on behalf of workers who were similarly treated by TIGA. Attorneys for the five truckers who filed the lawsuit say the case could eventually involve up to 200 truckers.

According to the lawsuit, TIGA used a number of methods in order to allegedly cheat truckers who worked for the company out of fair compensation. The lawsuit alleges that the transportation company underpaid truckers and misrepresented the freight revenues used to calculate payouts to truckers. The truckers also allege that TIGA deducted unauthorized expenses, fees, or other charges from truckers, and kept money in escrow accounts that should have been part of the payouts.

An agreement between the truckers and TIGA stated that the company was supposed to pay drivers 70-75% of the freight revenue that it collected from the companies that hired them. The truckers allege that TIGA understated the revenue that it collected in order to avoid having to pay truckers the full amount they were owed. TIGA also prevented the truckers from being able to examine the company’s records in order to verify that they were being fairly paid, the lawsuit alleges.

TIGA also tried to charge the truckers additional fees that reduced the amount that they received from the company. The truckers who filed the lawsuit allege that TIGA added a 2% surcharge for all fuel expenses that were charged to company credit cards, and added a 10% fee for all non-fuel expenses paid to drivers.

The truckers also allege that TIGA held money in escrow accounts that had been paid by drivers for maintenance expenses, which kept them from being able to access the money. The lawsuit claims that when a trucker’s escrow account grew to a large sum, TIGA would terminate its contract with the driver, demand all equipment be returned, and withhold all of the escrow funds from the driver.

The drivers who filed the lawsuit against TIGA drove oil and gas tankers for petroleum companies that hired the transportation company. Most of the drivers employed by the company obtained their equipment directly from TIGA in what are known as “lease purchase agreements.” A Missouri group representing small business truckers known as the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) discourages drivers from signing lease purchase agreements because of the number of complaints that it has received about them.

According to an OOIDA representative, many drivers who sign lease purchase agreements end up seeing a reduction in their work hours as they near the end of their lease contract for the truck. This can cause difficulty for the driver in making payments on the vehicle. When the driver defaults on the agreement, the company can reclaim the truck.

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