Trucking company ordered to pay $4.1 million in damages following rear-end collision outside Weatherford, Texas

by Jay Pate

Bobbie Bush, of Mississippi, was seriously injured when her pick-up was rear-ended by an 18-wheel tractor-trailer driver on Interstate 20 near Weatherford, Texas. The truck was estimated to be travelling at least 65 mph and the collision caused Bush’s pick-up to roll over.

The professional truck driver in the 18-wheeler had two previous rear-end collisions. Bush sued the truck driver and his employer Greenwood Motor Lines d/b/a R&L Carriers.

A Dallas jury has found that gross negligence by both the driver and trucking company were responsible for the crash and Bush’s injuries. The jury awarded Bush $1.2 million for past and future medical expenses and $1 million to compensate her for damages due to physical impairment as a result of the accident.

The jury also found that the trucking company was grossly negligent in failing to properly supervise and train the driver. The jury awarded $50,000 in punitive damages against the trucking company.

Truck accidents in Wise County, Texas

Wise County, Texas—located just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex—remains one of the deadliest counties in the nation for trucking accidents. Many of these accidents involve rock haulers that are frequently overloaded with cargo and poorly maintained by the trucking companies that operate them.

Large trucks in Wise County, Texas—especially near Bridgeport and Chico—have been involved in dozens of deadly accidents. Wise County ranks fourth in the state for the number of deaths from trucking accidents—behind only three of the largest urban areas of the state. Between 2000 and 2005, Wise County had more than 13 times as many deaths per capita as the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Lawsuits against trucking companies that operate these vehicles have found that despite the safety risks, many companies still pay their drivers “by the load.” This practice only encourages drivers to drive their overloaded trucks at dangerous speeds—while failing to spend the time it takes to perform proper maintenance on their vehicles. All too often, the end result of safety violations is the death of innocent drivers and passengers who are involved in a crash with these large trucks.

Need help with a claim against a trucking company?

Pursuing a claim for damages against a trucking company can be difficult and expensive. Many trucking companies and their insurance companies have plenty of money and time to spend fighting your claim. You need experienced, aggressive attorneys who will work hard and spend what it takes to force the trucking companies and their insurers to take responsibility for their actions.

Trucking lawsuits can be expensive. To properly prepare a case, an attorney may need to hire expert witnesses in the fields of trucking, trucking regulations, accident reconstruction and life care planning.

Given the complexities of this area of the law, the high costs associated with bringing such cases and the enormous damages often at stake, the last thing a victim of a trucking accident should do is entrust their 18-wheeler case to a lawyer with little or no experience with trucking accident litigation.

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