Trucking Litigation: Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Represent You After a Truck Accident

by Jay Pate

The attorneys at Heygood, Orr & Pearson have vast personal experience in representing clients who have suffered losses from trucking accidents.  Whether it involves the loss of a loved one, catastrophic personal injury, or even more minor injuries, some truck accident victims are reluctant to take legal action because they do not want to re-live their painful experience. 

Despite how unpleasant filing an accident claim may be, the staff and lawyers at Heygood Orr & Pearson are here to navigate the investigative and legal waters so that you can tend to the needs of yourself and your family.  Chances are that the trucking company has already begun investigating and “building a defense” to your claim by the time you hire an attorney, so prompt action is vital to the success of your claim.

Utilizing the legal system to remedy the harm suffered in a truck accident serves several purposes.  First and foremost, lawsuits are a means by which the injured party can seek redress for the economic and emotional harm they have suffered from an accident.  Whether you have extensive medical bills, are unable to work, or have even suffered the loss of a loved one, the civil court system was created as a vehicle for you to obtain compensation from the people who are responsible for your injuries.   No amount of money can take away from the damages you suffered, erase the painful memories, or bring back a loved one, but the fact remains that you have sustained a considerable loss and are legally entitled to a financial recovery.

The legal system is also a mechanism to hold trucking companies and their employees responsible for negligent and dangerous behavior.  In most cases, trucking companies have vast economic resources at their disposal.  They will cut corners on safety and, after an accident, hire investigators and defense lawyers whose job is to defeat your case because they believe this approach will save them money in the end.  By hiring your own team of aggressive, experienced attorneys who can actually hold a trucking company accountable for bad decisions, they will have no choice but to encourage a more “safety-conscious” approach to their work. To do otherwise is bad business.  Punishing those who cause an accident in a way that hits their pocketbook is the only tried and true way of getting a company’s attention and making sure they adjust their behavior in a way that makes everyone safer.