Two children hospitalized with serious injuries following Little Tikes bounce house accident in upstate New York

by Eric Pearson

Two young boys in upstate New York were seriously injured this week when an inflatable “bounce house” in which they were playing was sent 50 feet into the air by strong gusts of wind. The two boys, ages 5 and 6, were hospitalized after falling from the bounce house. A 10 year old girl who was playing in the bounce house was also injured after falling from a lower height.

Witnesses to the accident say that a Little Tikes inflatable bounce house had been set up in the backyard of an apartment complex near Albany, New York when it was lifted into the air by a strong gust of wind. The witnesses say that the inflatable playhouse was tethered to the ground at the time the accident occurred. According to police, the inflatable unit did not have a roof, and so was carried along like a kite after it had become untethered by the wind.

The young girl who was playing inside the bounce house suffered only minor scrapes when she fell from the structure as it was carried from the ground and sent spinning through the air. One of the boys was thrown 30 or 40 feet onto a nearby street during the bounce house accident, breaking both of his arms and his jaw. The other boy fell from the inflatable house and struck his head on a nearby car before landing on the pavement. The boy was later placed in a medically-induced coma at the hospital due to a serious head injury caused by the fall. Both boys were later reported to be in stable condition at the hospital.

The Little Tikes inflatable house that was involved in the accident measures about 10×10 feet and it secured to the ground using six plastic spikes about 6 inches each. Witnesses say that the spikes were found near the apartment complex where the accident took place.

A local meteorologist said that the incident was surprising given the weather conditions in the area where the bounce house accident occurred. Winds at the Glans Falls reporting station were only measured to be about 5-10 miles per hour at the time of the accident, the meteorologist reported.

A photo taken near the scene by Emily Boucher, a local student who was preparing for a lacrosse game at South Glens Falls Middle School, showed the bounce house soaring about 50 feet in the air after the three children had fallen from the play unit. Boucher granted exclusive publishing rights to the photo to her local newspaper, and said that she would donate proceeds from the sale of the photo to other media outlets to the families of the boys who were hurt.

Federal Regulators Warn About Dangerous Children’s Products

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned about the risk of serious injury to children posed by products such as the Little Tikes bounce house that was involved in the recent accident. According to the CPSC, hospitalizations from accidents involving inflatable play units have risen significantly in recent years, coinciding with the increased popularity of inflatables. The agency reports that the number of annual hospitalizations caused by inflatables rose from an estimated 1,300 injuries in 1997 to about 4,900 injuries in 2004.

The CPSC has issued a number of recalls in recent years because of injuries caused by products for children or infants. In January 2014, we reported on a series of recalls issued by the CPSC because of injuries caused by infant carriers, swing sets, and even a line of sweatshirts. These injuries have prompted the agency to issue numerous updates to federal safety standards designed to protect children from potential harm from these products.

Get Help for Your Child from an Experienced Attorney

When children’s toys and inflatables are not manufactured to meet the highest safety standards or are not used properly, serious injuries or death may result. Despite the efforts of federal regulators to protect young children and infants from dangerous products, thousands are hospitalized each year because of dangerous consumer goods.

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by Eric Pearson

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