UPS ordered to pay $1 million in damages to Alabama man injured in delivery van accident

Gerald Simoneau of Mobile, Alabama filed a lawsuit against UPS after he as seriously injured from being struck by a UPS delivery truck that had collided with another vehicle. A Mobile County jury has found the UPS delivery truck driver negligent and responsible for the crash and Simoneau’s injuries. The jury ordered UPS to pay $1 million in compensatory damages to Simoneau.

Simoneau suffered five broken ribs, a broken clavicle, a broken sternum, and permanent injuries to his arm that required multiple surgeries. Simoneau filed a lawsuit against UPS to recover for his losses and injuries.

The UPS truck was allegedly attempting to cross all four lanes and the median of Rangeline Road near the intersection of Todd Acres Drive, just outside of Mobile, Alabama, when it collided with another vehicle. The UPS driver pulled out in front of Simoneau, who struck the side of the UPS truck.

An employer, such as UPS, can be held responsible for the negligence of its employee, such as the UPS driver, when the negligence takes place while the employee is acting within the course and scope of his employment. “Course and scope of employment” basically refers to all actions of an employee that further the business of the employer, as opposed to an employee’s personal affairs.

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