Victims of deadly Connecticut auto accident file lawsuit against truck companies

by Heygood Orr and Pearson

Several drivers involved in a multi-vehicle accident on a Connecticut highway have filed a personal injury and wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of two large trucks that allegedly caused the crash. Drivers who were involved in the November 2007 crash in East Lyme, Connecticut allege that reckless driving on the part of the two truck drivers caused a horrific accident that left three people dead and several more seriously injured.

According to the lawsuit, drivers of a tanker truck owned by Northeast Carriers and a semi-truck owned by Geiway Expedited were racing with each other on Interstate 95 when the accident occurred. Witnesses say that the driver of the tanker truck lost control of his vehicle, causing it to jump across the highway and collide with a tractor trailer that was heading in the opposite direction.

Lawyers for the two truck companies have filed motions to exclude evidence that the two drivers were racing on the day of the crash. However, multiple witnesses have come forward—including a reporter for the Hartford Courant newspaper—to confirm that they witnessed aggressive driving by the two vehicles, which may have caused the deadly accident.

In addition to the three drivers who were killed in the auto accident, at least five other drivers were seriously injured during the crash. After victims and the owners of the two trucking companies were unable to agree to a settlement in the lawsuit, the case was moved to Connecticut’s complex litigation docket in Hartford due to the number of parties involved in the case.