Victims of runaway in elevator crash in Houston skyscraper blame inadequate maintenance, negligence

by Charles Miller

Two women have sued Chevron U.S.A., Inc., after they were trapped and injured in an elevator in the company’s building in downtown Houston earlier this year. Leslie Williams and Victoria Martinez were on their way to the lobby to eat breakfast when they became trapped in the elevator car on the 39th floor. Williams used the elevator’s intercom to communicate with Chevron’s security. She was in contact with building security off and on for about the next forty minutes. Then, according to the women’s recently filed lawsuit, the elevator began slowing moving upwards.

The suit alleges that after moving slowly for only a few feet, the elevator “skyrocketed upward.” The elevator came to a crashing stop at the 50th floor. The crash threw Williams and Martinez into the ceiling of the elevator car. The women were then thrown to the ground and light fixtures and ceiling tiles fell on them, the suit alleges. The women pleaded through intercom with Chevron personnel to stop the elevator and were allegedly told, “Don’t worry. It won’t move anymore.”

Eventually, the Houston Fire Department helped the women escape. They had to climb a ladder out of the elevator, jump onto the top of another elevator and then climb out from there to safety. The lawsuit alleges that, while climbing to safety, a firefighter was overheard stating that a Chevron employee controlling the elevator saw the car moving upward and purposefully let it go so they could meet the trapped woman on an upper floor.

Martinez sustained injuries to her lower back and left leg and ankle. Williams suffered a fractured foot, closed head trauma and lumbosacral strain. In additional to considerable medical expenses, the women allege they have suffered a loss of earning capacity and been made to endure considerable emotional distress. Their lawsuit alleges that their injuries and damages resulted from Chevron’s negligent maintenance and operation of the elevator.

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