Water damage lawsuit against Texas plumbing company filed by Galveston couple, insurance company

by Jim Orr

A Galveston, Texas husband and wife and their insurance company have filed a lawsuit against a plumbing company that allegedly caused water damage to their home. Charles and Teresa Zagst Jr. and Allstate Vehicle & Property Insurance Co. filed a lawsuit against Dial One Plumbing Inc. over water damage that occurred following the plumbing company’s work on their home.

According to the lawsuit, Alvin, Texas-based Dial One performed plumbing services on the Zagst family’s home in 2011. The family alleges that in December 2014, they suffered water damage to the home due to the poor plumbing work performed by the company.

The Zagst family and Allstate allege that Dial One is responsible for the water damage to the family’s home. The lawsuit alleges that the plumbing company failed to adequately fix the plumbing issues at the Zagst residence, causing the family to suffer water damage to their property.

Allstate joined the lawsuit against Dial One as a subrogee after paying an insurance claim filed by the Zagst family over water damage to their home. Under a subrogation claim, insurance companies can file lawsuits in order to recover damages for insurance claims that they were forced to pay as a result of wrongful actions by a third party.

Texas Water Damage and Insurance Litigation

If your home or property has suffered water damage as a result of wrongful actions on the part of a neighbor, nearby business, or property owner, you may qualify to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. Insurance companies that have been forced to pay water damage claims on behalf of policyholders may also be eligible to file subrogation claims against the parties responsible for causing damage to insured homes or other property.

Although water damage may seem easy to identify, the process of proving that a neighbor or nearby property owner is responsible for this damage can be a complicated process. In order to prove that illegal damage caused by water or flooding has occurred, depositions must be collected from the parties to the lawsuit in order to establish the facts of the case. Documents regarding the properties in question, insurance policies relevant to the case, and evaluations of the damages suffered by the person who filed the lawsuit may also need to be collected in order to determine establish a case.

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