Widow of Eagles’ Glenn Frey files wrongful death lawsuit over malpractice allegations against New York hospital

by John Chapman

The widow of musician Glenn Frey, founder of The Eagles rock group, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Mount Sinai Hospital over allegations of medical malpractice that allegedly caused his death. Frey died from complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia at Mount Sinai in January 2016.

According to the lawsuit, Mount Sinai and gastroenterologist Dr. Steven Itzkowitz were negligent in treating Frey when he was admitted to the hospital in the Fall 2015. The lawsuit alleges that the hospital and Dr. Itzkowitz failed to properly diagnose and treat Frey’s ulcerative colitis and other bowel disorders. The lawsuit also accuses the health providers of failing to treat Frey’s respiratory issues, failing to properly treat an infection, and other allegations.

The lawsuit filed by Frey’s widow was filed just days before New York’s two-year statute of limitations for wrongful death claims would have expired. New York law requires plaintiffs to file a certificate of merit stating that a medical expert was consulted on the case, or a statement stating such a consultation could not be arranged. In a statement filed with the lawsuit, Frey’s attorney stated that he was unable to secure an expert consultation before the statute of limitations would have expired on the case.

Frey’s widow, Cindy Frey, is seeking damages for pain and suffering, wrongful death, and loss of services of a spouse due to the alleged negligence of his health care providers. The lawsuit also names Icahn School of Medicine and Mount Sinai Doctors Hospital Practice as co-defendants in the case.

Frey co-founded The Eagles in 1971 with Don Henley. The group sold more than 150 million albums over the course of its career, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. The band’s hits include the songs “Hotel California,” “Lyin’ Eyes,” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling.”

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