Wrongful death lawsuit in Arkansas trucking accident moved to federal court

by Charles Miller

A truck accident lawsuit involving a fatal 2015 crash in Arkansas has been moved from state to federal court. Two drivers were killed in the 2015 accident, including Dennis Hyman, whose family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company and the driver of the truck involved in the collision.

The accident occurred during dense fog in December 2015 along a stretch of Interstate 49 in Fouke, Arkansas. According to the lawsuit filed by the Hyman family, a truck that was operated by Livingston Trucking and driven by its employee, David Kenneth Campbell, stopped suddenly on the highway, causing an accident involving six other vehicles, including Hyman’s car.

The tractor trailer driven by Campbell was struck by Hyman’s Ford van, leading to injuries that resulted in his death. Following this collision, a third vehicle struck both Hyman’s van and Campbell’s 18-wheeler. A fourth car struck Hyman’s Ford, while two other cars also struck Campbell’s trailer. The driver of one of these vehicles was also killed in the collision. A driver who got out of his vehicle to warn approaching drivers of the accident that was ahead of them was also killed when he was struck by an approaching vehicle.

The lawsuit filed by the Hyman family against Campbell and Livingston Trucking alleges that the truck driver was negligent for suddenly stopping his vehicle in the middle of the highway, causing Hyman’s van to collide with the rear of the 18 wheeler with great force. The lawsuit alleges that the impact of the collision was so forceful that Hyman was thrown from his van, resulting in his death.

After the original lawsuit was filed in Arkansas state court, the case was eventually transferred to federal court. The lawsuit is scheduled to be heard in the Texarkana Division of the Western District of Arkansas.

Injured in a Truck Accident? You Have Legal Rights.

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by Charles Miller

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