Wrongful death suit against Omni Houston, Otis Elevator filed by estate of Hurricane Harvey drowning victim

The family of a woman who drowned in a basement elevator at the Omni Hotel in Houston, Texas during Hurricane Harvey has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hotel and Otis Elevator. The lawsuit, filed by the estate of Ella Jill Renick, alleges that the hotel and the elevator company failed to take measures and institute a safety system that would have prevented the woman’s drowning death.

According to the lawsuit, Renick was working as an employee of the Omni Houston at the time that Hurricane Harvey struck this city. On the night of the storm, she was called downstairs to the hotel’s lobby. When the service elevator she was using ended up in the basement, flooding caused by the storm caused the elevator’s electrical components to fail, trapping her in the basement as flood waters continued rising.

Renick used the service telephone in the elevator to call for help, but no one from the hotel came to rescue her. Surveillance video from the hotels basement shows Renick desperately trying to escape from the elevator as it flooded with water. Eventually, flood waters in the basement rose to the top of the elevator where Renick was trapped, causing her to drown.

According to the lawsuit filed by Renick’s estate, the Omni Houston has a long history of flooding. The hotel itself is located within the flood plain of the Buffalo Bayou, and most of its parking garage is in the floodway of the bayou.

The Houston building code was updated in 2010 to require elevators that service areas below the flood plain to install water sensors to prevent them from descending into flood waters. However, the lawsuit alleges that the Omni Houston failed to install flood sensors on their elevators, including the one in which Renick drowned. The lawsuit also alleges that Otis Elevator – which had a contract to service elevators in the Omni Houston – also failed to bring the elevators into compliance with Houston building codes.

The lawsuit filed by the estate against the Omni Houston and Otis Elevators is seeking monetary damages for Renick’s physical and emotional pain and suffering. The lawsuit also seeks damage on behalf of Renick’s mother for loss of companionship, mental anguish, lost earnings, and loss of inheritance.

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